Suggested Use:
Shake well before using. Use a small amount (about one or two pumps) twice a day, morning and night. Store in cool place. Size: 0.5 fl oz. (15 mL) Airless Bottle (approx. one month supply).

Airless bottles help keep bacteria and other contaminants out of our products. They will prevent product come in contact with oxygen during use to preserve the active ingredients and maintain shelf life.

For external use only. Do not take this product by mouth, and do not let this product get into eyes. Keep out of the reach of children.

Aloe Vera, Rosehip Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, MSM, Clary Sage, Lemon, Jojoba Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Emu Oil, Vitamin E.

Neck Fantastic Serum

SKU: 0002
  • Anti-wrinkle & firming moisturizer. Smoothes wrinkles and firms sagging skin around your neck and jaw line. Helps strengthen the skin barrier to retain vital moisture for a hydrated, more supple feel. Over time, resiliency and elasticity are improved, visibly enhancing neck contours for a more defined and youthful appearance. All natural and paraben free, no filler or artificial fragrance.