My Ingredients

Ingredients matter—and quality ingredients matter most. Every ingredient that goes into my products has an important job to do. Whether delivering essential moisture, encouraging resilience, improving efficacy or providing natural, nurturing fragrance, each ingredient is painstakingly selected for its particular effects and interaction with the others.

Most skin products use water as their main ingredient because it is relatively cheap. Water is almost always the first ingredient listed on the ingredients label because it is usually the ingredient with the most concentration. Yet, despite claims of skin’s need for hydration , it turns out that water may not be an important ingredient for skin. Only a 10% concentration of water in the outer layer of skin is necessary for softness and pliability in this part of the epidermis. Studies that have compared the water content of dry skin with that of normal or oily skin do not find a statistically significant difference in moisture levels between them. You will find Aloe Vera, instead of water, as the first ingredient in all our skin care.

Most of today’s top-selling, celebrity-endorsed anti-aging serums are stuffed with potentially toxic ingredients like parabens and phthalates, which are often hidden and not listed in their formulas. Unknowingly, good folks from around the world are lathering these toxins all over their faces and bodies, which can result in a whole host of adverse effects. For example, in a recent article published in the Washington Post, health columnist Jill Adams wrote, “Phthalates and parabens can interfere with the body’s hormones, most notably reproductive hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. The possible health risks could include chronic diseases, cancers, and a host of developmental disorders and fertility problems...”


What’s more, phthalates can impair thyroid function which can lead to increased fat storage. Are you eating right and exercising but still can’t lose weight? Maybe it’s because of the phthalates hidden in your favorite products. Parabens appear to be potent inhibitors of mitochondrial function. The mitochondria are often described as the “powerhouses” of cells, as they are responsible for creating energy from the food we eat and store. Without proper mitochondria function, you feel tired and lethargic even when you get enough sleep.

I am committed to bringing you effective anti-aging products that are designed to give your complexion the nurturing it needs to stay healthy and let your natural beauty shine through. Our products use plant botanicals derived from nature, stem cells, powerful superfruit antioxidants, organic extracts and anti-aging peptides in maximum concentrations that take years off your appearance. Your skin’s elasticity will improve for a firmer, lifted jawline, lost volume and fullness will be replenished, but best of all, fine lines and wrinkles will begin to fade fast. You can achieve a radiant complexion and realize the benefits of younger, healthier skin–without the additives.